2016 Round 1 - Australian Grand Prix

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2016 Round 1 - Australian Grand Prix Empty 2016 Round 1 - Australian Grand Prix

Post by W1lhoit on Sat Apr 23, 2016 8:05 am

The Formula X Paddock heads to Australia as we anticipate a very exciting start to the 2016 season. Australia over the last couple of years has actually been held in New Zealand @ Pukekohe. This time is very different, as a race track outside of Canberra has been constructed. Canberra International Raceway finished its construction in late 2015 and was approved by the ISCC.

Coming into this weekend, Diago Power, once again, proves to be the fastest team out there, placing Pal Schnieder on the pole. However, Schnieder's teammate, Nick Muller, has struggled throughout this weekend, qualifying 6th on the grid. RavenWest Motors have struggled to place in the top 5 in qualifying, thus placing Ben Thompson, and Spencer Fullerton near the top 10. In conclusion, Luca Fontana from Red Bull, and Niko Lavta-Kiskola from Brave Fast Racing, have taken the podium in qualifying in that order.

Australian Grand Prix Grid.:

1. Schnieder (Diago Power Racing)
2. Fontana (Red Bull Racing)
3. Lavta-Kiskola (Brave Fast Racing)
4. Sviridov (Red Bull Racing)
5. Lorenzo (Brave Fast Racing)
6. Muller (Diago Power Racing)
7. Saarinen (AudiSport)
8. Thompson (RavenWest Motors)
9. Matsumura (Harachi Racing Technologies)
10. Fullerton (RavenWest Motors)
11. Davids (AudiSport)
12. Petit (Laffite Formula Racing)
13. Sa (SkullCandy Ferrari)
14. Conway (Laffite Formula Racing)
15. Shelly (Stuttgart United Mercedes)
16. Leipins (Crow Motorsports)
17. Cox (American United Racing)
18. Dakovic (SkullCandy Ferrari)
19. Kielschen (Stuttgart United Mercedes)
20. O'Shea (Crow Motorsports)
21. Adams (American United Racing)
22. Yaname (Harachi Racing Technologies)
23. Yurmencell (Volkswagen Motorsports)
24. Jabri (Troll Science Formula X)
25. Nakajima (Subaru Racing Team)
26. Wongsawat (Panasonic Toyota)
27. Grenwich (Panasonic Toyota)
28. McBlair (Troll Science Formula X)
29. Antonio Martini (Volkswagen Motorsports)
30. Boulos (Subaru Racing Team)
31. van Helvoort (Master Card Lola)
32. Uehle (Master Card Lola)

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2016 Round 1 - Australian Grand Prix Empty Re: 2016 Round 1 - Australian Grand Prix

Post by Finnish909 on Sat Apr 23, 2016 3:27 pm

Finguy: *Yes, he own's a share of the team* "I am impressed with the AUR brigade. Nice debut for the team..."

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