S4 1 in 70 NEWS: Google and Dogecoin To Race in 1 in 70, S5 1 in 70 Bid

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S4 1 in 70 NEWS: Google and Dogecoin To Race in 1 in 70, S5 1 in 70 Bid Empty S4 1 in 70 NEWS: Google and Dogecoin To Race in 1 in 70, S5 1 in 70 Bid

Post by ChrisEagor on Wed May 11, 2016 9:30 am

It looks like the media (and myself) want to announce this news, but we couldn't get it off our chest after Charlotte is concluded. Now here it is: the news about the 1 in 70 after THREE RACES.

Google and Dogecoin Motorsports to Race in the 1 in 70

Here's the first breaking news: Google are going to attempt the 1 in 70 while Dogecoin Motorsports are returning to attempt the race as well. Let's start with Google. Google is NOT a racing team. Google is a company of many things like their search engine, glasses, and, most importantly, self-driving cars. I'm not kidding. Self-driving cars are a thing now in this dang age, and it is actually cool to be honest. However, no company including Google have perfected a self-driving car yet. The cars tend to be wreck prone despite top speed is 25 MPH and lacks the ethics. Of what I mean is does the car stop at a red light or another car in front of it. That's a simple example. The thing is though why am I talking about Google. Are they going to bring a car to the 1 in 70? Yeah, they are, but it's something you are not going to expect. They are not bring a car to driver someone to drive it. They are bringing their self-driving car to Atlanta. OH MY GOD. KILL ME! It's a cool edition, but Google's self driving car (called Google Racebot) will be a moving chicane since Google has never partcipate in any racing event, and the car is going to be very slow with amateur racing crew. The scary thing about this is the ethics on the Atlanta. Cars can go almost to 210 MPH, and Google Racebot is projected to be almost 30-40 MPH slower than the field. Will it car recognize the leader and move out of the way? It is a major concern, but let's see if they can improve the ethics before heading to Atlanta.

As for Dogecoin Motorsports, Dogecoin Motorsports are back with their questionable equipment. We will not get into detail about the team. We can that their car is very powerful even supposedly be faster than the entire field. The team pumps excessive amount of money (probably Dogecoin LOL) to make the fastest car ever. However, Dogecoin's car can be a time bomb since the reliability is making The Wrecking Ball and Hamilton Autosports look more reliable combined. As for the drivers, the team has not confirmed a driver, but it's probably going to be Princess Percle since she was the original driver of Dogecoin Motorsports along with Teddy Duncan. (Yeah that name exists). Princess Percle did made the Sony 400 which is a sign of the end of the world. Fortunately, the end of the world did not come, because the car decided to fail on them before practice even began. I'm guessing the team is trying to prove that you don't need a good driver to win something. However, the team didn't realize Princess Percle has -6 points after the 30-point penalty after Oxford. She is last in the drivers standing behind three drivers who have zero points. We will have more news on Dogecoin Motorsports as the season progresses.

Season 5 1 in 70 Track Bid

Before this season's 1 in 70 begin, the Slim Jim Series are getting applicants from different tracks to host next season's 1 in 70. According to the officials, they narrow the track selections to four tracks: Fontana, Michigan, Chicagoland, and Kansas. The first three tracks are a given, but Kansas is a weird choice for the Slim Jim Series's biggest race. The selection crew had a choice between Daytona and Kansas for the final spot. In the end, Kansas is in the final four with three well known tracks in the ISCC. As it looks like right now, Fontana is a slight favorite to host the next season's 1 in 70. Chicagoland is the second choice while Kansas is surprisingly the three choice. Michigan is the last choice as they did host the 1 in 70 last season. The officials will announce the host of next's season when the series gets to Atlanta.

OOC: Update on Charlotte, it will be up at the end of the week.

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