S4 1 in 70 NEWS: Subaru and Ferrari To Attempt The 1 in 70

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S4 1 in 70 NEWS: Subaru and Ferrari To Attempt The 1 in 70

Post by ChrisEagor on Wed Jun 15, 2016 7:13 pm

This comes in before the Dectaur race. Subaru and Ferrari are going to be participate in the 1 in 70. It increases the number of factories to ten right now. It includes Google Racebot and Dogecoin cars. This is the most diverse group of factories in series history. The 1 in 70 attracts drivers as well as teams for this 250-mile event. The event showcases talent that no one even seen before, teams racing just for the hell of it, and create Cinderella stories. Again, welcome to the Slim Jim Series Subaru and Ferrari.

There are some questions who are they bringing and are they a factory. Ferrari is probably going to participate as a factory team. I'm not too clear about Subaru if the team is a factory team or an actual Subaru team attempting the 1 in 70. It's unknown how many cars from each manufacturer are going to show up. All of this will be developed later on so the series can release an entry list.

Subaru and Ferrari are competing in Formula X. Subaru is the first Japanese manufacturer that is not Toyota to compete in Slim Jim. This is Ferrari's first attempt in non-Formula racing in the ISCC.

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