NEWS: Split Car Drivers in the 1 in 70 and Distribution of Points

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NEWS: Split Car Drivers in the 1 in 70 and Distribution of Points

Post by ChrisEagor on Fri Jul 22, 2016 12:02 pm

The Slim Jim Series are figuring out the ins and outs regarding split drivers for the 1 in 70. The Slim Jim Series also want to point out the distribution of points regarding every aspect. There are going to be seven split cars in the 1 in 70. Here are the names of the split car drivers running with the split car:

41 Cosmic Nova
8 Ryan Cooper -R-
10 Shane Carter -R-
26 DJ Kurtis
22 William Brock -R-
07 Zachary Fitzwater
4 Dajon Weeks -R-

Those drivers are going racing in the 1 in 70 and eligible to score points for their split car. However, here's the list of the drivers below that don't have a ride for the 1 in 70:

Maxwell Chan
Luke Trigger
Marco Rossi -R-
Greg Marshall -R-
Tommy Turbo -R-
Henrietta Fitzwater -R-
Henry Williams -R-

Funny that Chan and Trigger are the only non-rookie in that list. Some of those drivers need a ride somewhere. The Slim Jim Series give an option of each team to have an one-off. Some teams accept the option, and some don't. The team that has a split car can use the one-off for the driver is not running split car for the 1 in 70. There are a few confirmations for one-off cars. Maxwell Chan, Henrietta Fitzwater, and Henry Williams are going to drive the team's one-off cars with their respective teams.

Team Thunder will have a one-off car, but reigning Slim Jim Series champion William Duncan will take the wheel. It leaves Greg Marshall with no seat for the 1 in 70 for now. Dodge Motorsports and RJ Manson Racing will most likely not have an one-off entry. It also leaves Luke Trigger and Marco Rossi out, and they need to find some other team. There are undisclosed teams attempting the team interested in hiring those drivers.

I haven't forgot about Tommy Turbo, but it is strange how they handle it. Baby Tribe 5000 will not have a one-off but will have Tommy Turbo to drive the 55. The 55 car is currently driven by Princess Percle who scores a pretty zero points so far. Princess Percle is likely confirmed with Dogecoin Motorsports as this rate. You might be wondering why in the world they have two split cars (in case you ask that). To begin with, each team only has ONE split car team if they run one. Therefore, the Baby Tribe 5000's 22 is registered in the standings. If Turbo does score for the 55 in the 1 in 70, it will count for owners and Turbo's driver points but not for split car since the 22 is listed. If Brock scores, the points will be reward to Brock's drivers, owners points, and the split car points since it is registered officially as a split car.

There are a couple of things the Slim Jim Series wants to clear up.

If a team runs an one-off entry no matter who is it and scores, the driver will be rewarded his or her drivers points if he or she scored, and the team will also gained points based on the driver's results. For example, The Wrecking Balls will have Maxwell Chan in an one-off entry. If Chan scores, he will gain points in drivers, and The Wrecking Balls will score as well.

If a driver runs for an one-off team, the driver will be rewarded his or her drivers points if he or she scored. However, the one-off team will not have an accumulative team points since they are registered as an one-off. For example, Dogecoin Motorsports is an one-off team and have Princess Percle. If Princess Percle scores points (kill me if she did), she will be rewarded her drivers points, but Dogecoin Motorsports will not gain the points that Princess Percle has earned.

The Slim Jim Series officials are trying to clear out everything the best way they can. They want to have fair game with everything: drivers, teams, and split cars. Despite the history lesson, the officials believe everybody will enjoy and have an up-beating competition for the 1 in 70 at Atlanta.

Out of context: Real talk, I want to say something about the status of the series. I want to clear some things about what is going on. If you confused, I'll try to clear it up the best way I can. The series is not dead. I got my focus with school, but the Junior Series is the top propriety. With the rate of IES, the Junior Series will be concluded next week. Once that is over, Slim Jim is back in my propriety. If you see racing headlines for Buffalo Downs, sometime after Junior Series is concluded, the Slim Jim Series is back.

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Re: NEWS: Split Car Drivers in the 1 in 70 and Distribution of Points

Post by CJ Racing on Fri Jul 22, 2016 5:50 pm

Turbo: "Well... At least I have a ride... even if it is in P.Percle's car.... *shudder*...."
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