Round 2: Coast of 'Brazilla' (Brazil)

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Round 2: Coast of 'Brazilla' (Brazil) Empty Round 2: Coast of 'Brazilla' (Brazil)

Post by Finnish909 on Tue Jul 26, 2016 7:46 am

From the Pacific Ocean looking out of Baja Sur to now to the Atlantic Ocean in what the locals call the beach 'Brazilla', the ISCC Rallycross officials decide to make a few adjustments and call it a round. The Round of Brazil marks the first crossover round as both 'dirt' and pavement is used. How much pavement? Not much, but runs are made in the entrance and exit of this section. Beware the monster they call 'Brazilla' this track will be slated as the one 'Most Likely for DNF's'. The paddock is ready, it's just close to time to get it started.

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