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Post by ChrisEagor on Wed Aug 31, 2016 6:21 pm

Real talk everyone.

I have some things to say.

1. Life. College has been this week. I'm taking the minimum and maximum amount of classes--according to the requirements from different schools in my college. Even I got a part-time schedule which is spread out, I have three night classes. I may not get to record or edit any videos (SJS races or my personal channel). The schedule is going to be random. I also got something that is not class at the end of the week, but it depends if I feel like it.

2. Speaking of SJS, Round 10 is on hold for a bit. It's not because I'm hanging with my waifu. Even thought that she is what it is, look:

UPDATE CRAP 3c291947a7ed521720717db63ba05132
Any DA people? Credit to PurpleLemons: http://purplelemons.deviantart.com/

The racing at Watkins Glen is dull and not what I was expected. I'm going to try a few more times, but, unfortunately, the race could be held somewhere else. I'll keep as a road course race, but I'm not announcing in this topic. I got a few tracks in mind. If I found a replacement, I will announce the track--as a news story like you always see for the prereace. If not, you will see Watkins Glen as scheduled.

3. While SJS is inactive, I try to have a little fun on my own. I'm making a points manager for ISCC Slim Jim Series; it's like Score4 or Race Points Manager. However, it's only local so far in the Slim Jim Series. Reasons? One, I want to improve on my own skills in computer science with object-orientated programming (or OOP for short) and programming in general. In case, you want to know what language is it on--it's Python. Second, I thought about using my own program for next season. It would need to go through testing first, but it's better than how I do points standings for this season. Third, I want to share it with y'all and share what will happen if a series (real life or fictional) uses the Slim Jim Series points system. In case, I get this question: There's no Chase option in the program. The Slim Jim Series does not do the NASCAR Chase system--especially with the current format. Just fucking no. Unless you want to see Princess Percle in the Slim Jim Series Chase, I'm fine with that. If you are so want it, I can put an option to change the driver's points for the Chase or a Chase round. If it goes well without Princess winning the championship with a perfect season of 2,500 points, then MAYBE I'll do IES and Junior Series points manager.

4. One more thing. I must share this: https://www.facebook.com/viralthread/videos/1038263796315462/?hc_ref=NEWSFEED




That's all I got from me and the series. I guess I see you whenever.

This is my waifu.

UPDATE CRAP C241c4b0080fc7f33213cba12adc2b6b

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