2016 Round 9 - British Grand Prix @ Silverstone International Circuit

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2016 Round 9 - British Grand Prix @ Silverstone International Circuit

Post by W1lhoit on Thu Oct 27, 2016 11:55 pm

Due to the lack of funding and ticket purchases for the European Grand Prix @ Latvia and The Netherlands @ Circuit Zandvoort, ISCC Officials have decided to take both races off the calendar, thus making the British Grand Prix the 9 race of 18 in the 2016 Season.

Penalties After France
Roy Van Helvoort: 5 Grid Penalty for the Round of Britain

Silly Season Begins to Stir Up
So far into this year, it appears that we have some rumors spreading about the paddock. One rumor in particular is that Amy Shelly, who is a two-time Sony IndyCar Series Champion, currently driving for Stuttgart United Mercedes, might get an offer from RavenWest Motors for the 2017 Season. Another rumor is Cayden Lorenzo, who is closing in on current championship leader, Luca Fontana (Red Bull), may have a shot at Diago Power Racing next year as well. With those said, keep in mind of more rumors as the year goes on.

OOC: 2017 Silly Season to go up after Silverstone is uploaded.

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