NEWS: Slim Jim Series Have Edit Some Rules

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NEWS: Slim Jim Series Have Edit Some Rules Empty NEWS: Slim Jim Series Have Edit Some Rules

Post by ChrisEagor on Sun Jul 03, 2016 8:24 am

The Slim Jim Series have done their own review this season and past seasons. They also review how other ISCC series run their series. The Slim Jim Series has some imprecise rules that could spark conservatory or prolong the race than it should. The officials tweak two rules to benefit the race and how strict the series is.

Only ONE GWC attempt is allowed with no cautions.

The IES is the first to adapt to this rule. The Junior Series followed the Slim Jim Series with the three GWC attempts. The race at Seattle have two GWCs, but the first multi-GWC race isn't received too well. The Junior Series enforce the rule right after the race. The Slim Jim Series never change the rule until Phoenix this season. Caution came out when Burndfart cross the line. The official did not let the pace car catch the leader and decide to let them race. And it was a great decision. Slim Jim Series is known for crazy finishes so the series wants to see more of racing back to the line finishes. The Slim Jim Series now followed the IES rules with one GWC attempt with no cautions. The series will hopefully test out the rule this season.

Enforce stricter penalties on cars that are massively off the pace.

In Season 2 at Chicagoland, Mark Verski got involved in a big wreck but never retired. At the time, he was 50+ MPH off the pace from the leaders. The leaders caught Verski in four laps, and the wreck happened when trying to split at the last second. Everybody's okay, but justice was not serve as Verski got no penalties. In Season 3 of IES at Japan, PJ Williams was off the pace by 50 MPH and was part of the Japan bloodbath. He destroy screwed out a couple of championship leaders and caused a GWC which the leader of the race at the time didn't win. Williams not got a points penalty but canned at the same time. Honestly, that is the most deserved overkill. After Chicago, the series enforced a rule that they warn drivers that are 30 MPH off the pace. If they are 40 MPH off, penatlies still weren't given out. The officials are a bit lazy with this rule since they don't often get this. However, since the rumored-too-slow Google Racebot is in the 1 in 70, they need to enforce now. (As well as other heavily damaged cars). Right now, the officials are going to warn the drivers that they are off the pace to either to retire or fix the car the best way the team can. The speed tolerance is 40 MPH. If the team does not fix the car or retire under caution or green flag pit stops, potential penalties could be hand out. If the driver disrupts the results, probation, penalties, and possible suspension are going to be hand out.

OOC: Slim Jim Series is on hold, because I'm doing the Junior Series. Sorry about that. Maybe I can sneak in a Slim Jim race if I can.

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