NEWS: Slim Jim Series Replacing Watkins Glen for Round 10

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NEWS: Slim Jim Series Replacing Watkins Glen for Round 10 Empty NEWS: Slim Jim Series Replacing Watkins Glen for Round 10

Post by ChrisEagor on Sat Sep 03, 2016 8:52 am

The Slim Jim Series is known for going to alternative tracks when the scheduled track is place. Sadly it is the case again. Slim Jim Series will not race at Watkins Glen International. The officials as well as the drivers are disappointed that it is being replaced. The officials said the track with the new models makes the racing dull; it's not exciting in testing.

The Slim Jim Series has to find an alternative for the round. Plus, the series don't want to replace Watkins Glen with a non-road course race, because they feel it will mess up the split car teams and have to re-think their schedules again. Good news is they have a road course so every split car scheduled to race Watkins Glen is racing in a road course. The replacement is Old Spice Speedway in Salt Lake City, Utah. Woah, whoa, before anyone complains, it is a road course. Seriously. There's some info about the track. It's a new track so it's never hosted a ISCC race. It would be the first. The series has no idea where to go so they pick this track. So yeah, don't die. Plus, it would be interesting how the field will approach in Utah. They will push the cars to the limit and get the best optimization on the track. We will have to see when we get to practice.

Outside the replacement, there are other news relating the schedule. Slim Jim Series scheduled Round 15 at Italy, but it's not at Monza. It's a different. Originally, SJS officials and Spa-Francorchamps are suppose to host a race for the European Tour II, but the terms aren't agreed. Now, it seems like the Slim Jim Series is still in pursuit of getting Spa in the schedule. Round 15 is still scheduled at Italy. Finally, we got Yas Marina Circuit at United Arab Enmities. However, the series is still debating if Yas Marina Circuit or Dhabi Street Circuit is going to host Round 20 race. Slim Jim Series is planned to race at the UAE but is indecisive about what the series will race in. Round 20 is still scheduled at Yas Marina.

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