2016 Team Chart/Schedule (Closed)

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2016 Team Chart/Schedule (Closed)

Post by W1lhoit on Thu Apr 14, 2016 10:47 pm

You can post stuff if needed.  Razz
Teams for 2016

Team Name: Ravenwest
Engine Supplier: Mercedes
Car Numbers: 3, 4
HQ: Australia
Driver 1: Ben Thompson (GBR)
Driver 2: Spencer Fullerton (CAN)
Test Driver: Rebecca Davies (GBR)

Team Name: Skullcandy Ferrari
Engine Supplier: Ferrari
Car Numbers: 11, 12
HQ: Italy
Driver 1: Maijata Dakovic (CRO)
Driver 2: Mario Sa (POR)
Test Driver: Viktor Karlsson (SWE)

Team Name: Diago Power Racing
Engine Supplier: Mercedes
Car Numbers: 1, 2
HQ: Spain
Driver 1: Paul Schneider (GER)
Driver 2: Nick Muller (GER)
Test Driver: Aric Silverfox (GER)

Team Name: Red Bull Racing
Engine Supplier: Renault
Car Numbers: 5, 6
HQ: Austria
Driver 1: Luca Fontana (San Marino)
Driver 2: Liliya Sviridov (RUS)
Test Driver: Slavko Bukošek (SLO)

Team Name: Harachi Racing Technologies
Engine Supplier: Honda
Car Numbers: 13, 14
HQ: Japan
Driver 1: Akio Matsumura (JPN)
Driver 2: Juro Yaname (JPN)
Test Driver: Hiroki Kazi (JPN)

Team Name: Stuttgart United Mercedes
Engine Supplier: Mercedes
Car Numbers: 9, 10
HQ: Germany
Driver 1: Amy Shelly (GBR)
Driver 2: Sabine Kielschen (GER)
Test Driver: Benjamin Bachmeier (GER)

Team Name: Master Card Lola
Engine Supplier: Cosworth
Car Numbers: 17, 18
HQ: Great Britain
Driver 1: Franz-Josef Uehle (LIC)
Driver 2: Roy van Helvoort (NTH)
Test Driver: Kim Hansen (GRN)

Team Name: American United Racing
Engine Supplier: Cosworth
Car Numbers: 19, 20
HQ: United States
Driver 1: Robert Adams (USA)
Driver 2: Christopher Cox? (USA)
Test Driver: Troy Gooding (USA)

Team Name: Lafitte Formula Racing
Engine Supplier: Renault
Car Numbers: 15, 16
HQ: France
Driver 1: Mattieu Petit (FRA)
Driver 2: Hebel Reuter (ISR)
Test Driver: Roma Favalli (ITA)

Team Name: Crow Motorsports
Engine Supplier: Mercedes
Car Numbers: 21, 22
HQ: Australia
Driver 1: Klara Liepins (LTV)
Driver 2: Colm O'Shea (IRE)
Test Driver: Jack Hamilton (GBR)

Team Name: Brave Fast Racing
Engine Supplier: BMW
Car Numbers: 7, 8
HQ: Spain
Driver 1: Cayden Lorenzo (SPA)
Driver 2: Niko Lavta-Kiskola (FIN)
Test Driver: Eduardo Santos (BRA)

Team Name: Panasonic Toyota
Engine Supplier: Toyota
Car Numbers: 25, 26
HQ: Japan
Driver 1: Chanarong Wongsawat (TAI)
Driver 2: Tim Grenwich (CAN)
Test Driver: Ye Eun Hwan (SOK)

Team Name: AudiSport
Engine Supplier: Audi
Car Numbers: 23, 24
HQ: Germany
Driver 1: Carson Davids (CAN)
Driver 2: Tuomas Saarinen (FIN)
Test Driver: Delma Fanucci (ITA)

Team Name: Subaru Racing Team
Engine Supplier: Subaru
Car Numbers: 29, 30
HQ: Japan
Driver 1: Seiji Nakajima (JPN)
Driver 2: Duha Boulos (UAE)
Test Driver: Jun Hosokawa (JPN)

Team Name: Volkswagen Motorsport
Engine Supplier: Volkswagen
Car Numbers: 27, 28
HQ: Germany
Driver 1: Moriah Yurmencell (POL)
Driver 2: Jose Antonio Martini (ITA)
Test Driver: Kevin Rasmussen (DEN)

Team Name: Troll Science FX
Engine Supplier: Ferrari
Car Numbers: 31, 32
HQ: United States
Driver 1: Ali Jabri (MOR)
Driver 2: Andrew McBlair (AUS)
Test Driver: Michael Curtin (IRE)

Schedule for 2016

Round 1: Australian Grand Prix @ Canberra  
Round 2: Bahrain Grand Prix @ Bahrain
Round 3: Chinese Grand Prix @ Shanghai
Round 4: Russian Grand Prix @ Tula
Round 5: Spanish Grand Prix @ La Colina
Round 6: Monaco Grand Prix @ Monaco
Round 7: Canadian Grand Prix @ Montreal
Round 8: French Grand Prix @ Circuit Tiere Cicote
Round 9: British Grand Prix @ Silverstone
Round 10: German Grand Prix @ Bavaria
Round 11: Belgian Grand Prix @ Spa Franchorchamps
Round 12: Swedish Grand Prix @ E4
Round 13: Finnish Grand Prix @ Karjala
Round 14: Japanese Grand Prix @ Suzuka
Round 15: United States Grand Prix @ Decatur
Round 16: Mexican Grand Prix @ Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez
Round 17: Brazillian Grand Prix @ Autódromo Internacional Bralli
Round 18: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix @ Yas Marina

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